A Note on Hiking a Volcano in Dress Shoes

With every apprehensive step up the base of Volcan San Pedro, the distance between Ori | Patrick | myself grows larger as my feet sink into the layers of volcanic vegetation. “It wasn’t this difficult at the beginning of the climb”, I think to myself as the weight of the bag on my back pulls me in the opposite direction. Sweating this much wasn’t part of the plan either. Then again, I am climbing a volcano. And more specifically, I am climbing a volcano in a pair of black khakis | dress shoes | a black long-sleeved shirt. The smooth | slippery bottoms of my Kenneth Coles are no match for Ori and Patrick’s hiking boots. With envy, I stare in sweat-induced bewilderment as the two of them seemingly float up the side of the volcano while I slide back down the base with every sinking step. In no mood to be bested by my companions, I continue the climb. The volcanic forest takes on a jungle-like atmosphere as it grows thicker and darker around us. And the fact that Patrick is an expert mountain climber | Ori is an ex-Israeli soldier, means these two fitter | faster | stronger human beings are only making this hike more interesting for this increasingly humble narrator.

All images (with the exception of the mountain view photo) were captured with my GoPro.

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2 thoughts on “A Note on Hiking a Volcano in Dress Shoes

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